Princess Sugar
Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 17
Hair color: Purple (With black highlights)
Skin color: Fair
Birthdate: 14 January
Nationality: Princess
Habitat: Storm city
Family & friends
Parents: King Travis (Father)

Queen Bloom (Mother)

Brothers & Sisters: Princess Stella (Older sister)
Pet: Pippo (Duck)
Friends: Clarissa (Best friend)
Enemies: Darcy


Nick name: Witchy Princess
Talent & personality
Talent: Casting Spells
Personality: Mean

Nice (Sometimes)

Interest: Evil things
Hate: Love
Fear: Wolves
Favorite food: Cakes


Favorite color: Purple
Idol: Justin Mieber
Dream: To be the most powerful among the princesses
Team: Sparkle, Princess
Background infomation
First appeared: Welcome to Princess High
Japanese Seiyū: Wasabi Mizuta
English VA: Taylor Swift
Sugar is mean, sometimes nice and has stupendous powers. Her mother is Queen Rose and her father is King Travis.

Sugar is not evil or not so mean. She is kind and considerate with a sarcastic side born from frustration over her unjust reputation. When people try to socialize with her, she is skeptic about their intentions, but not so much that it limits her ability to make new friends.

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