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No, my powers are related to fire.
— Clarissa to Sugar

Princess Clarissa
Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 16
Hair color: Purple (With black highlights)
Skin color: Fair
Birthdate: 19 August
Nationality: Princess
Habitat: Snow Land
Family & friends
Parents: King Edward

Queen Snow Rose

Brothers & Sisters: Prince Charles (Brother)
Relatives: Marine (cousin)

Serena (cousin)

Pet: Rufus (Dog)
Friends: Daphne (Best friend)
Enemies: Darcy (worst enemy)

Celeste (enemy)

Nick name: Clarissa
Talent & personality
Talent: Singing
Personality: Nice

Strict when needed

Interest: Reading books

Playing with her pets

Hate: Lying
Fear: Wolves
Favorite food: Cupcakes


Favorite color: Pink
Dream: To be a singer
Team: Sparkle, Princess
Background infomation
First appeared: Welcome to Princess High
Japanese Seiyū: Keiko Kitagawa
English VA: Elizabeth Gillies
 Clarissa is compassion, friendly and sweet. She is the leader of Sparkle, Princess.

She is the princess of Snow Land. She was born to King Edward and Queen Snow. Her powers are related to fire. Some fans also stated that her powers should be snow-based. She also has a time watch which can reverse, stop or replay time, which is quite similar to "time-machine" in the Doraemon series only difference is that time-machine can take you back in time while time-watch cannot.


Clarissa is sweet, friendly and compassionate. She is always friendly with everyone, even with her enemies. An escapist by nature, she also has a tendency to run away when things get too hard or confusing for her, and can also be impatient and stubborn, with a short temper.

Clarissa is tough when needed to be and always lends a helping hand to people. Despite being far from perfect and having flaws, Clarissa has a heart of gold and is always ready when it comes to helping her friends.

Clarissa also happens to be very direct and mature about most things. If someone does something wrong or she just doesn't like it, she'll be sure to tell them about this and say what is on her mind. As a result this often gets her into trouble and she sometimes hurt others feelings. But once she has befriended you, she'll never let you down.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Clarissa has fire-based powers that can manifest in the form of dragons, fireballs and explosions at varying intensities. They are usually offensive with the rare occurrence of a defensive firewall. She has been shown to have emphatic abilities like seeing people's true natures. The intensity and strength of her magic is proportional to her emotional state.

Clarissa also knows some basic spells that all princesses can use, such as telekinesis, shape-shifting, transmuting objects from one to another, and fixing minor messes.

Clarissa also has a time watch which can reverse, replay or stop time though, it cannot travel back in time.


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  • Birthday: 19 August
  • Astrological Sign: Dragon
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Hobby: Reading books about fairy tales and magic
  • Ideal Boyfriend: Natsu (coming in the further episodes)
  • Best Friend: Sugar!
  • Favorite Movies: Romantic comedies
  • Loves: Cooking cupcakes for my friends
  • Favorite Music: Pop
  • Favorite Spell: Love arrow
  • Favorite TV Show: Fairy Tail! So amazing!


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Voice ActressEdit

Elizabeth Gillies: All seasons
Elizabeth Gillies Elizabeth Gillies voiced Sugar in all seasons.


  • She and Sugar are the only ones to have known relatives.
  • She loves Fairy Tail.
  • According to the website, she loves to watch Fairy Tail, her favorite characters are Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster, she says that she ships NaLu (Natsu - Lucy).
  • She is voiced by Elizabeth Gillies.
  • She and Sugar both love watching Fairy Tail. They both share similar favorites example: shipping NaLu, favorite characters.
  • She is the opposite of Darcy, while her powers are ice based, her are fire based.
  • She was planned to be snow-powered.
  • She is the most powerful among her group.
  • It is shown she gets quite shy when she's near Natsu.
  • As Clarissa loves watching Fairy Tail, the producer named her coming-boyfriend, Natsu.
  • Natsu (Princess High) is similar to Natsu (Fairy Tail). He is a dragon slayer, his looks are similar to him, the only different thing is that in Fairy Tail Natsu does't understand love (though all the fans say Natsu and Lucy will end up together), while Natsu (Princess High) has feelings for Clarissa.
  • She is younger than Sugar.
  • She was planned to be Daphne's best friend.
  • Her best friend is Sugar.
  • She loves to change her hair sometimes purple with black highlights or Pink with black highlights.
  • She loves teddy bears, she has a bear named Bella.

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